Elderberry Gummies – $25/15 ct. • $45/30 ct. • $60/60 ct.

How do I get your elderberry gummies for myself?
Call us at (251) 424-1544 and have your order shipped to you anywhere in the state of Alabama or we will deliver free of charge within a certain range.

What is in Pure Life’s compounded elderberry gummies?
One gummy has Elderberry 1000mg, Vitamin C 250mg and Vitamin D 1000IU.

How many elderberry gummies do I to take if I’m not sick?
We recommend one to two gummies a day to boost your immune system.

Do I take more when/if I get sick?
We recommend you take 2 to 4 gummies a day if you feel like you have been hit with a ton of bricks.

What is the best way to take elderberry extract? Gummies, liquid, capsules, tea’s?
It doesn’t matter what way you take elderberry, but strength does matter. Our gummies are 10 to 20 times stronger than leading store bought brands.

What does Pure Life’s Elderberry gummies taste like?
They are orange flavored.

How are the Elderberry gummies sweetened?
Xylitol and stevia.

Is it safe to take elderberry extract?
The safety of the standardized Elderberry extract preparation, Sambucol was demonstrated in a clinical study, where it was concluded that this Elderberry extract is safe and can be administered to the whole population, including infants and children.


To find out more about our Elderberry products, visit our Elderberry page.

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