Elderberry Powdered Drink Mix

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Strength: 600mg/500mg/1122IU
30-Day Price*: $19.99/15 servings
90-Day Price*: n/a

Strength: 600mg/500mg/1122IU
30-Day Price*: $49.99/60 servings
90-Day Price*: n/a

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What is in Elderberry Powder’s drink mix?
One serving has Elderberry 600mg, Vitamin C 500mg and Vitamin D 1122IU

How much of the Elderberry Powder do I to take if I’m not sick?
We recommend one serving per day to boost your immune system.

Do I take more when/if I get sick?
We recommend you take 2-6 servings per day if you feel sick or have developed flu-like symptoms.

What is the best way to take elderberry extract? Gummies, liquid, capsules, tea’s?
The most important factor is that you consume elderberry extract on a routine basis. We have found that most people tolerate the Elderberry Powdered Drink Mix the best. The route doesn’t matter all that much, but strength does matter. Our elderberry powder is 6 to 12 times stronger than leading store bought brands.

What does Elderberry Powdered Drink Mix taste like?
Our drink mix is sweetened with natural sweetners and has a Elderberry/Orange flavor.

How is the Elderberry Powder sweetened?
Xylitol and stevia.

Is it safe to take elderberry extract?
The safety of the standardized Elderberry extract preparation, Sambucus was demonstrated in a clinical study, where it was concluded that this Elderberry extract is safe and can be administered to the whole population, including infants and children.

To find out more about our Elderberry products, visit our Elderberry page.

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