30-Day Price*

90-Day Price*

Antibiotic Sinus Wash CapsulesAll**$45 - $80/#60n/a
Antipyrine & Benzocaine Ear DropperAll**$30n/a
Compounded ProgesteroneAll**$45$105
Female Hormone TrocheAll**$45/#30, $90/#60n/a
Low Dose NaltrexoneAll**$35$90
Promethazine Cream25mg/ml$30/10gmsn/a
Rectal OintmentNitroglycerin 0.125%$50n/a
Rectal Suppository MoldsHydrocortisone 2.5%, Lidocaine 2%$5/#10, $10/#45Call for 90-Day Pricing
Sublingual Melatonin TrochesAll**$45/#60n/a
Testosterone Compounded Drops or CreamAll**$55n/a
Tetracaine LollipopAll**$19/pack of 2n/a
Topical Anti-Inflammatory CreamsAll**$55/60gmsn/a


Compounded Medication


Men's Testosterone Dropper or Cream$55/30-day supply
Bio-Identical Hormones for Women
(available in creams, capsules, droppers and troches)
$45/30-day supply
Progesterone Capsules$40/#30
Sublingual Melatonin Troches$45/#60
Promethazine Cream 25mg/ml$30/10gms
Topical Anti-Inflammatory Creams$55/60gms
Antipyrine & Benzocaine Ear Dropper $30
Tetracaine Lollipop$19 (pack of 2)
Compounded Medications for Pets$45
Rectal Suppository Molds (Hydrocortisone 2.5%, Lidocaine 2%)$45
Rectal Ointment (Nitroglycerin 0.125%)$50
Antibiotic Sinus Wash Capsules$45 - $80/#60
Low Dose Naltrexone$35/#35