4 - 6 lbs. $104.99/6 pack • $188.98/12 pack
6 - 12 lbs. $106.49/6 pack • $192.68/12 pack
12 - 25 lbs. $108.49/6 pack • $195.28/12 pack
25 - 50 lbs. $109.49/6 pack • $197.28/12 pack
50 - 100 lbs. $110.49/6 pack • $198.88/12 pack


Credelio® (lotilaner) is a prescription tick and flea medicine that kills ticks and fleas fast*, is well-tolerated and lasts all month long to protect the dog you love.

Credelio starts killing fleas in 4 hours and kills 99% within 8 hours for 35 days. Credelio is greater than 97% effective against labeled tick species 48 hours after administration or infestation for 30 days. In a controlled European study, Credelio starts killing ticks (I. ricinus) in 4 hours.

Credelio® (lotilaner) is a small, tasty chewable that’s approved for all puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age or older that weigh 4.4 pounds or greater. Credelio isn’t just gentle on your pup, it also kills ticks and fleas fast, and lasts a full month.

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* These medications are not for human consumption or application.
** Prices subject to change without notice. Please call pharmacy to check prices.

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