High Quality Compound Medications

What is a compounding pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy provides patients with a custom dose of medications to meet specific health needs. Pure Life Pharmacy compounding pharmacists collaborate with your physician to create these custom medications. Through lab values and symptoms, our pharmacists use science, pharmacology knowledge and highly specialized pharmacy equipment to create a formula specific to each patient’s needs.

Physician writes, pharmacy delivers, patient achieves cost savings by cutting out the "middle men”

Many patients are alarmed when they hear that Pure Life Pharmacy does not accept any form of insurance. Seems crazy, but turns out to be good thing for the pharmacy and the patient! Why may you ask? By not accepting insurance, our pharmacists are able to provide our patients with up-front pricing. We do not have any contracts dictating mandatory copayments or pricing. Our prices are set by competing for you business. By competing for your business we are going to provide the highest quality compounding at the lowest price around.

Listed below are some examples of our more commonly prescribed compounded medications:



30-Day Price*

90-Day Price*

Antibiotic Sinus Wash CapsulesAll**$45 - $80/#60n/a
Antipyrine & Benzocaine Ear DropperAll**$30n/a
Compounded ProgesteroneAll**$45$105
Female Hormone TrocheAll**$45/#30, $90/#60n/a
Low Dose NaltrexoneAll**$35$90
Promethazine Cream25mg/ml$30/10gmsn/a
Rectal OintmentNitroglycerin 0.125%$50n/a
Rectal Suppository MoldsHydrocortisone 2.5%, Lidocaine 2%$5/#10, $10/#45Call for 90-Day Pricing
Sublingual Melatonin TrochesAll**$45/#60n/a
Testosterone Compounded Drops or CreamAll**$55n/a
Tetracaine LollipopAll**$19/pack of 2n/a
Topical Anti-Inflammatory CreamsAll**$55/60gmsn/a

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    Want to Learn More About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

    We are proud of our state-of-the-art compounding lab and like to show it off. Check out our new planetary mixer called "The Maz." This mixer will allow us to make your medications faster while also producing highly homogeneous blends. It's our promise continue to invest in our lab to bring you the highest quality compounded medication. Thank you for choosing us for your compounded medications.

    Spend a minute with us inside of our working state-of-the-art pharmacy lab. Watch our technicians create custom compounded medications.