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From the very beginning we built our pharmacy to give the community power of individualized medicine. Whether we are helping the autistic child or the hot flashes of a post-menopausal woman, we focus on you, not the profit or bottom line. We value our patient first and foremost.

We embrace change and incorporate the latest medical developments into the services we provide. The medical industry is rapidly changing. The main driver of the change is new technology. We will scout out the latest technologies and bring those new techniques back to this community. We are very excited about advancements such as DNA sequencing that will allow us to take personalized medicine all the way to the level of your DNA!

Our advancement and accumulation of knowledge can never stop. There is a never-ending stream of knowledge coming from all over the world about medical advancements and techniques. The medical industry is advancing the treatment of patients in ways never before thought possible. It is imperative that we bring this information back to this community.

We want a relationship with you and relationships are built on trust. We will build trust with you by consistently doing what we have promised. We want you to have confidence that you can come to us for answers. When you have a question we will be able to communicate through email, phone, social networks, or a good ol’ fashion face-to-face visit. We will always be there for you.

Our passion is your health care. We are driven every day to work towards making you better. Our passion motivates us to fight through any roadblocks keeping you from these new treatments. We must be persistent, determined and willing to fight for what is right to make a lasting impact in this community.

We set the bar at perfection. When making medication there is no room for error. Perfection brings about patient safety. We have spent years working on our operating procedures to ensure consistent and safe prescription medication.

We are intent on changing our community for the better. Health care is not the only avenue we are taking to accomplish our goals. We are very grateful to the community for your support and we want to show are gratitude by giving back.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and strive to be the example for all other pharmacies to follow. In every industry there are bad apples and there are people who take advantage of the system. Not only will we be an open example of how a pharmacy should operate, but we will actively help the Alabama Board of Pharmacy stop those pharmacies that abuse this great industry.

The future of medicine is staying healthy and well. No longer should you be complacent with simply treating your chronic illness. We believe strongly in maintaining health and staying well. We also believe in practicing what we preach. If you see us around town please don’t hesitate to talk to you about what “wellness” is all about!

There is always a better way. Transformation of the pharmaceutical and medical industry is inevitable. This transformation will affect many pharmacies from the outside in. We will focus on creating change from inside out. It is our promise to keep our hunger to transform the way this community practices the art of medicine.